Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

• Alignment with corporate strategy
• Clear Communication
• Clear Goals

• Identify Current State
• Plan for Desired Outcomes
• Effective Implementation

• Understanding Competition
• Product Positioning
• Create Opportunities &
 Increase Revenues

Is your corporate strategy aligning with your sales strategy?
Is your sales strategy aligning with the tactics
you're deploying day-to-day?

sales leads

We help our customers understand the opportunities created by successful sales strategies. Successful strategies have an effective implementation, clear and concise goals, understanding of the competitive environment, and internal resources. Does your company have the right software? The right personnel and processes? Do you understand your customers and your competition?

We help you to objectively analyze where your company is currently, identify gaps, and define where you desire your company to be.  Our experts will assist you in implementing effective and efficient sales strategies to better position your company and products and in creating better outcomes for your customers and your company, thus impacting the lifetime value of your customers.

Sales as a Service (Sales Outsourcing)

• Increase Sales
• Increase Profits
• Dedicated Sales Teams

• Recruit Sales Teams
• Train Sales Teams
• Manage Sales Teams

• Expertise in Sales
• Create Efficiencies
• Drive Positive Results

Does your sales organization have the right people, sales strategy, culture, tools, and experience to produce optimal sales results?

sales leads

Sales challenges vary greatly depending on the industry or organization and outsourcing sales may provide the needed efficiencies and expertise your company needs to increase sales and revenues and provide results for your customers.  Sales as a Service or Sales Outsourcing provides businesses with dedicated sales teams that fully understand a company’s brand, products, and sales strategy.

At OnPoint solutions we recruit, train and manage these sales teams to sell your products.  Sales as a Service is a great solution for small to medium companies that are looking to increase sales without worrying about recruitment, training, or managing sales teams.   Other companies use Sales Outsourcing as a complement to their internal sales teams or for seasonal sales.  We have extensive experience in setting up sales teams efficiently, providing them with excellent training, and creating an ecosystem that provides our clients with weekly reporting to effectively track performance and drive positive results.

Sales Training

• For Sales Representatives
• For Managers
• Tailored Training Programmes

• Strategic Sales Goals
• Improve Negotiation Skills
• Better Insights

• Over 20 years’ experience
• Better Customer Relationships
• Increased Revenues

When was the last time you trained your sales
representatives or sales managers?

staff training services

In this new digital landscape, the customer journey and buying cycle has changed tremendously over the last five to ten years and sales professionals need updated and relevant sales training to be able to offer better insights and results for your customers.  We can help sales representatives and sales managers offer better insights, create better customer relationships, understand strategic sales goals, and improve negotiation skills to better serve customers and increase revenues. 

We can tailor training programmes to fit your company’s needs and the needs of your sales professionals within your organization.  We count on more than 20 years of experience in sales and training with different sized teams and look forward to helping your sales teams become more efficient, knowledgeable, and productive. 

We can help your business